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Bare Beauty – That Little Bit of Something

I like the idea of Bare beauty, a minimalist look that celebrates clear skin, confident posture, eyes that smile when they meet others, clothes that reflect the personality underneath the layers of what makes up a woman.  You can choose one…
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Stonecrop Sister Chocolate Chip-Banana Muffin

Eye Spy Three Fine Things

It’s time for Eye Spy of the Week. This week I am focusing on health, fun, and lastly, pleasure through taste buds.  “Awesome!”, you say, and I agree, so read on! Exercise for just 20 minutes a day: I have…
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Casual beauty

Channel Your Inner Fashionista

Artfully arranged tousled locks, pink matte lips and brows defined and full, eyelids dusted with gold over deeper hues of plum and dark browns, oversize designer signature shades, these elements seem to come together effortlessly to create a look of…
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