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Tops and Accessories


I prefer dresses, and tops and skirts.  But when I shop, my eye always goes to tops first.  This time of year, I can pull out a few of my pullovers.  I like big bulky versions that I can wear with a cami underneath, skinny jeans on dress-down Friday at work, or even a pencil skirt.

I bought this beautiful top last year in the Sandro boutique in Vegas.  I love the detail in the back.


This is my one of my bulky sweaters that I wear in place of a coat.  it’s heavy enough that when I wrap a circle scarf around my neck and add gloves and my favourite purse, I have a complete outfit. It’s from One Teaspoon. I like this pendant circle long necklace  with it as well.



My go-to dress is from Nanette Lepore. It’s silk/satin with greys and browns.  The sleeves are what had me at hello!  They are big, wide, with a double flounce layer, I love them!  I like to wear this anthropologie necklace with it. It cascades down the front in a couple of layers, and I like the freedom of it.

I bought this sweater at Oak + Fort.  It is a blue-grey colour, so soft that I could not resist.  These little bluebell-coloured, pearl and glass earrings are my favourite with this sweater, and I pair it with my James Perse black mid-calf pencil skirt.


I have a couple of bracelets I like to wear together from Fossil.  One is a leather band, an another is a sparkly peace sign, and the third is strands of coral leather and beads.  Somehow I feel they all belong together even though I bought them separately.  Maybe they remind me of my two sisters, Carolyn, Marie and I.



My favourite coat is from Eryn Brinie.  It is short and meant to wear with pants or a smart looking skirt.  I like to pair it with a  shimmery scarf like the one below.

What’s your favourite go-to outfit?




Table Settings for Entertaining


Table Settings for the Holidays

Holiday Table Flare

Whether you are planning a special dinner party for friends, or dressing up your home for the upcoming holidays, creating a  themed table setting is a good place to create new memories. I prefer placemats to tablecloths because for the price of a tablecloth, I can usually find several interesting sets of mats that I can change up according to the holiday.



Silverware as a statement

It’s good to pick one thing to feature on the table, something to draw the eye, like the newly polished Silverware as the statement pieces for your design.



Bold Centrepiece focal point

There is never a better occasion to be bold with your centrepiece.  Foliage, Greenery, or elements of Wood or Stone can be integrated into a focal point for your table.


Candle Elegance

The Elegance of Candles

I always love candles on a table.  They never fail to create an ambience of elegance and relaxed entertaining.

What’s your favourite style for table decor?


- Nancy


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Girls Night Out with Silpada Jewelry

Silpada Jewelry Designs

Silpada Jewelry Designs

This week I attended a Silpada Designs Jewelry party at my neighbour Tammi’s lovely home.  I have been to one or two Jewelry parties but never a an event that featured Silpada designs.  I really enjoyed the evening and the variety of hand crafted, high-quality, beautiful necklaces, cuffs, bracelets, rings, and earrings on display.  Tammi offered wine, nibbles, chocolates, and great company.

Jewelry is one of those things that says so much about the woman wearing it.  Each of us probably has definitive ideas about what we don’t necessarily like, and it can often be more difficult to zero in on what piece matches our personality, phase of life, and mood at a particular moment in time.

Silpada Jewelry

Wine and Silpada Jewelry


Lately, I have been attracted to engraved jewelry.  I saw a necklace about a month ago at Ambiente with the word Sister entwined in the design, and I really felt that it had been made just for me!  Unfortunately, I felt that my pocketbook would be in too much pain if I purchased it then, so I put it out of my mind.  When I returned recently, it had been sold.  Luckily for me, this party invitation came along, and there were many lovely pieces to view, try on, and consider.  I did decide on an engraved delicate necklace made from brass, compressed Turquoise, Swarovski crystals, and inscribed Sterling Silver with “Be Strong”; French Wire Drop earrings made of texturized bronze and Sterling Silver; and a Sterling Silver Statement ring with inscribed “Be True to Your Dreams”,  running along the band.

Silpada Jewelry

Beautiful Silpada necklaces on display

If you are interested in seeing more of Silpada’s jewelry, you can click this link here.


Cheers, everyone!

- Nancy


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Brides, Gowns, and Everyday Elegance



I love dresses, and this stunning wedding gown by Ralph and Russo Couture caught my eye. How many of us have a favourite memory hanging in a special place in our closet, bought for weddings, anniversaries, first dates, proms, or birthdays? This dress is a story unto itself, requiring 3900 hours of hand embroidery.  For the full story, click here. The images of this gown create once again the oohs and aahs we might have felt as small girls dreaming of maybe one day looking like a princess bride.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


They say it all starts with the dress, and I think that follows through for our regular day-to-day lives as well.  We look for that dress or skirt or leather jacket that will tell a little story about us, about what we like, our preference for hour glass shapes, or for loose fitting linens, chunky jewelry or delicate strands of chains.

I found a few images that are my favourites.  What style do you prefer?  Do you have a ball gown in the back of your closet?






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Eye Spy Colour and Light


The Beauty of Home – chez Mary Ellen and Rich

How has everyone’s week been? Have you been able to find some time and enjoy the Fall season, no matter what the weather where you reside? Don’t you love the picture above of my brother and sister-in-law’s home, showing off the wonderful fall plumage.  Those rockers look so inviting!

I was able to get to the beach today.  It was warm and sunny, and somehow that type of weather is always a gift on a Sunday.

I left work early on Friday, and dropped by Grandview Corners to Casbah Spa.  They carry my favourite lip balm, Eminence Citrus Lip Balm.  When I arrived home, I downloaded Winter Street by Elin Hilderbrand onto my iPad.  I was so looking forward to wrapping myself up in warm throw, with a glass of wine, and getting lost with her characters in Nantucket.  It’s a great read! What’s on your list?  Next up for me is Gone Girl.  I have yet to read this, so I’m going to dive in tonight.

When I go out for a walk and take our camera, rather than just my phone for pictures, I am more mindful of what I am seeing, and I think less about my woes, and more about the little things that make the walk interesting.

Like this wooden adornment just under an eave of an old shed backing onto an alley.  It’s unlikely many would notice it, but it’s there for the pleasure of those who do.



I loved the light at the beach today, the feeling of people enjoying life with each other and their pets.

People and Pets enjoying the beautiful fall weather.

Fall at Crescent Beach

I’ve walked this beach a million times, and it never fails to amaze me how I must have missed something so unique on previous passes, like this little keyhole entrance to someone’s front walk right on the beach.


Secret Garden


I was alone for that hour on the beach today, but never felt lonely.  The beautiful day and scenery affected us all, and there were many people who smiled and chatted with me, as I tried to capture the freshness of the day.

I hope your Monday goes well!

Bright Light of Fall

Bright Light of Fall


City and North Shore Mountains

House with a View

Beachfront Elegance


Fall Wonders - don't forget to look up now and again

Big Skies



Summer is Over


Cheery Welcome



What’s around that bend? I think I spy…

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What’s Your Style?


It was one of those mornings.  I had it all planned.  I was going to wear my James Perse black dress, tights, and little ankle boots.  I ended up looking like a really old version of Sabrina, the Teenage Witch.  I will not bore you with what was behind Door Number 2, 3 or 4, but suffice to say, I went through a lot of doors before I found something that I felt looked half decent.

Is this down to not knowing one’s own style?  I would have to agree, and also to lack of planning, which is rather hilarious as that’s my day job.  It always seems to look better in my head than in the mirror.

Tomorrow will be anyone’s guess.  But I’m thinking simple is the way to go: black Sandro pants, little ankle boots, mid-length sweater.

Here are a few of the inspiring images I found this week.  I wish I had a pair of red Rag & Bone boots.  I think I have greyish black tights that I could pair with a…..



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