I love finding a look that just jumps out at me.  I can scan through magazines, shop in my favourite haunts, browse online, but not necessarily find a piece for which I would want to hand over part of my paycheque. So when I do come across something, it makes me realize how great it is to recognize that style is so personal to each of us.  Women have so many choices in clothing.  You can choose a beautiful full 1950′s style I Love Lucy cocktail dress, or find that superb one-of-a-kind black leather jacket, with that oh-so-thin supple leather, it’s as if they made it to your exact measurements.

I realized the other day that I have a lot of black clothing.  Muted colours, safe choices. Yet I’m drawn to red-orange heels, icy blues for blouses, coral dresses.  I love my 7 for all Mankind boy jeans, my luxury slip-on all-weather go-to’s.  It would be difficult to imagine a more comfortable jean.  But that is the thing about fashion, just when you think you’ve nailed your look, a new find will pop up, a style never before considered, a heel that just begs to be bought and put to the front of the closet.  I have decided to cull my closet over the next few weeks, and create some outfits that include more colour.  Here are a few of the items that struck my fancy.


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There are any number of choices we can make to entertain ourselves.  Yoga, running, shopping (yes, sadly I call this a hobby, and it is my favourite, don’t judge me). Some of us skirt on the outside of these endeavors, dabble in them but never really become committed to attending the Tuesday and Thursday hot yoga class. And as a result,  we occasionally find ourselves thinking that life should be more three-dimensional, even with these added in for balance.  Three- dimensional is my term for a life that has a bit of pizzaz to it.  Not just bed, roll out, work, cook dinner, TV, bed, repeat.

And sometimes, that term balance can get in the way.  Maybe you have searched for something other than the rollout routine but nothing ever seemed to click.  At work you are comfortable, better than comfortable actually, you feel in your element, you thrive on what is in front of you, and the time never seems to drag.  Perhaps you need to look at what you are doing at work, and see if the platform or the role is transferable to your personal life, and not be concerned if it is not radically different from the way you spent your day.  I enjoy thinking of new ways of doing things, I’m good at analyzing, and I like communicating.  All things I do everyday at work.  Writing is a good outlet for me.  I can spend an evening on one writing element and not notice that hours have passed because I love the inner conversations that happen in my own head, and the way that the conversations take me to a better frame of mind.  What makes you lose track of time? Is there something, that if you did not do it, you would lay your head at night, and wish you had?

Oh to commit to a life well lived.

Oh to commit to a life well lived.

I am always looking for the casual chic look at work.  I want to be polished, but comfortable.  Part of the challenge at this time of year, depending on where you live, is how many layers, and whether shoes can be open or closed toe.  I must admit, i found a great pair of black suede ankle boots last year, and it is time to put them away, buff up the pedicure, and bring on some colours! Here are a few of my favourite looks.

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I have to admit, I love Kate Spade. I think of it not as a company, but as a woman out there delightfully choosing fun, vibrant colours for notebooks, ipad covers, skirts, purses, necklaces.  I finally found this pair of glasses and love them so much, I ordered my reading glasses in same frame, different colour

Kate Spade Eyeglasses

Bad behavior

Yesterday i had my standard appointment to have my highlights done. My regular stylist left a few months ago, and I have been pleased with the new one. Perhaps not exactly what I have had in the past but she is a very restful person and i have appreciated this. But then she turned my hair orange. She tried to fix it but when it came out worse the second time around, i yelled at her. Eventually the owner came in and three hours later (after a total of eight), i left more brown than orange. But i felt really bad that night about how i treated that young mother. I made another human being feel bad. I dont think anyone has ever been that harsh with me. What is it about the emotion of a moment or an experience that can totally derail me as a good person? Why do i react the way i do, when i know the remedy is to draw a breath, pause, and just do not allow myself to behave badly. Why am i such a bitch? I hope i will remember Incident Orange for a few months and try at least for the remainder of the week to be conscious every single minute of how i am behaving and answering others. But what i would really like is to figure out why i am so compelled to complain these days. I hope that really soon i can become someone i would actually like to be around. I have not seen that person in a while.

Figuring It Out

I have a busy life like most women. And yet unfortunately i still have time to ruminate on every little thing that may have gone wrong with my day (or week, or month, or year, or previous year, you get my drift). And like a few of us out there, i have a tendency to wonder why things happened, was there some cosmic significance to the event, or was it all just a cosmic joke? I have quite a few zen-like sites bookmarked. I am up early everyday and i look forward to having my morning coffee and reading through what people have to say about how we should best experience life. Most sites are big on Accepting the Present, and Letting Go of whatever you might be holding onto that is creating discontent in your life. Seems to make sense. And yet i still search. I am like the Nancy Drew of Zen Self Help sites looking for clues to why things roll the way they do. My obstinance used to frustrate me. I felt that with all this 6:00 am enightenment, surely i could start to feel more zen-like, and even perhaps have it be noticed by my colleagues. “Look!” They would exclaim, “there goes Nancy, not sure what has happened to her lately, but note the beautific glow and radiant peace eminating from her aura. I want whatever she’s taking!” Nope. It did not happen and to be honest, i am thinking it actually might not ever. So i am wondering if i could just cut myself a break here, and allow for the fact that i am likely to continue wondering what it was that caused me to lose my temper with the dog, or sniffle a bit during the episode where Angela finds out her gay husband is sleeping with Oscar. (I know, i know – it is truly puzzling). I think i will try and embrace it for a while. Go about my day as best i can and when life messes up, i am likely to try and unravel the reasoning. Maybe some of you can come along for the ride. Maybe you will have a few strands you want to unwind as well. Let me know.


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